2017-12-01 21:49:00
Christmas, also known as Christmas, Jesus's birth is the western traditional festivals, originated in Christianity, on December 25 every year.A mass is a kind of church service.Christmas is a religious festival, because it as the birthday of Jesus to celebrate, so the name "Christmas".
Most of the Catholic church will first on Christmas Eve on December 24, that is, the date, December 25, held at midnight mass, and some of the Christian church will hold good tidings, and then celebrate Christmas on December 25,Another major branches of Christianity, the orthodox Christmas festival in each year on January 7th.
Christmas is also a public holiday and many other areas in the western world, such as: Hong Kong, macau, Malaysia and Singapore in Asia.The Roman church (AD 313), in the era of Constantine is gradually used in December 25 to celebrate the birth of the Lord.
Many western families enter the December began to busy purchasing all kinds of festival supplies, such as Christmas gifts and food,.On December 24, on this night, general family will get together to Christmas dinner,.Sometimes, Christmas dinner for "the angel of god" have a seat.Christmas dinner is very rich.Form a variety of food, color, smell and taste, eat, so a Christmas dinner also called Christmas dinner.At the dinner table, yellow circle shape of orange slice indicates good wishes.Rose, walnut, cinnamon and colorful fruit, is a traditional Christmas ornaments on the table.